Dalacin T Lotion

What is it?

Dalacin is a medicine which contains clindamycin phosphate, and targets infections by killing the organisms which cause them. This type of dalacin, (dalacin t) is used to treat acne, but other types are available to treat other infections.

What form does it come in?

For my acne, I was prescribed the lotion, which comes in a bottle like a roll-on deodorant so it can be applied thinly to the face.

You can also get it as a solution though, but from what I can see while researching, people tend to find this harsher on their skin.

Are there any side effects?

The usual things like dry skin, oily skin, stinging, rashes and itchiness are listed as possible side effects. However, it also says that these are usually mild, and I personally had no side effects when using the lotion.

Is it effective?

Obviously this will vary massively from person to person. On other forums there seem to be many people who have used the medicine and it has had a huge impact on their skin. For me though, I didn’t notice any change.

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