Face Masks

Superdrug Tea Tree Peeling Face Mask

Aiming to “remove dirt, grease and other impurities”, this mask is great value for money, at under a pound per sachet – which can last for quite a few masks.

It has a fresh smell which unlike a lot of tea tree products is not too overpowering, so (despite saying on the packet that it is not for sensitive skin) it does feel more gentle than some products.

As it is in a sachet, it is quite messy to apply and it can’t be resealed which is a pain (although I decanted it into a little sample pot which quickly solved that problem). Also, when put on the face, it dries really quickly so you have to be quick to smooth it out evenly.

Something which will divide people is the fact that you peel it rather than wash it off. It means that it can take quite a while as it is a challenge to do it all in one go (although a challenge which you may enjoy tackling!). Personally, I quite liked it as I enjoy taking some time out for pampering.

As for the actual results, they weren’t extreme. My pores were visibly smaller (temporarily) and there was no trace of shine. My skin felt clean and refreshed after using it, but it did not reduce spots or redness.

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