My Skin Especially for Teenage Skin

“Mattifying moisture lotion. Kiwi extract helps moisturise whilst raspberry helps stimulate and condition the skin.”

As this fresh, fruity moisturiser is a lotion rather than a cream, I’ve found that it feels very light and spreads easily over the face.

It is very hydrating and makes my skin feel softer, without giving the feeling of clogged up pores.

However, despite its aim being to mattify the skin, it in fact does the opposite (in the short term, at least). It takes a while to sink in and so after applying my skin is actually shinier than before. Because it is so moisturising though, I think it is worth using as a night cream so that you get all the hydration without having to spend the hours after applying it walking round with a shiny face.

You can purchase it from Tesco only, and it sells at a great price (around £2.50 last time I checked!)

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