Back to the doctor!

A few months after starting with the Dalacin T lotion, I returned to the doctor with unchanged skin. This time I was prescribed lymecycline (brand name Tetralysal), which came in the form of capsules. Throughout my life I’d always had difficulties swallowing tablets – they would never go down, and just made me gag. These capsules were a lot bigger than pills as well, so, frustratingly, I never got to see if the drug actually worked as I couldn’t swallow it. I did keep trying for a while, using tricks like putting them in bananas or taking one with a teaspoon of jam. I don’t know if these ways work for you, but despite my parents’ certainty that they were foolproof, I still couldn’t swallow a capsule.

Eventually I abandoned the Tetralysal, and continued with the lotion, as I didn’t want to do nothing, and I hoped that it might work if I used it for a bit longer…which, of course, it didn’t.

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  1. A says:


    Great idea for a blog.

    I’ve been on and off acne treatments for about 8 years so I know how frustrating it can be and how much it can knock you confidence. I was on and off lymecycline/ Tetralysal for quite a while a few years ago and it did absolutely nothing for my skin…after trying every treatment under the sun my doctor referred my to a specialist andI got put on Roacuttane. My skin is now far more manageable than it used to be but still pretty ropey by most peoples standards! I’m thinking of going back to my doctor again soon.
    Have you ever tried the contraceptive pill? It works well for a lot of girls because acne is nearly always hormonal. It’s tiny too so you shouldn’t have any trouble swallowing it!

    Good luck with your treatment.

    • admin says:

      Thanks for your comment!
      About a year later I got prescribed tetralysal again by a dermotologist (as I’ll be writing about in the blog soon!) and after attempting for a while I did manage to get the hang of swallowing it, which is great. I found that my skin did improve, but I was using Isotrex gel too so I can’t say for certain which one was most effective.
      I am probably going back to a dermotologist soon though, so I’ll definitely ask about the pill as I’ve not tried a hormonal treatment before.
      Good luck with your treatment too!

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