The beginning…

Ok. So, my problems with acne started pretty much as soon as I entered the wonderful phase of life that is puberty. Up to that point, I’d always had skin issues – eczema, molluscom, rashes – so the spots appearing didn’t exactly come as a surprise. It quickly became more than just the odd zit though; still, it was never severe, but it just never went away. So, about three years ago now, I went to the doctor.

The first thing I was prescribed was a topical lotion called Dalacin T. From what I can remember, it’s a thin white cream with a mild smell, in a dispenser similar to a roll-on deodorant.┬áIt was quite cooling and soothing on my skin but, other than that, there were no effects.

I would say it is worth trying if your acne is only mild because it is so gentle, but I doubt it will improve aggressive forms of acne in particular.

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