Starting this blog…

As a teenage girl, quite a large proportion of my life seems to be spent in front of the mirror, analysing my skin, or on my computer, researching skin treatments. The other day I was doing just that – trying to find out more about Isotrex Gel, a topical form of the strong and controversial roaccutane. Judging by the results google gave me, it would have appeared that no one had used the gel for three years. I was amazed. Why had so few people given their recent experiences with this medicine? In fact, why had so few people given their long term experiences with acne in general? There are many ideas floating around cyberspace about what does and doesn’t work as an acne cure. There are few personalised, longer accounts of results of various treatments.

So, I hope to write a blog here, recording my ‘journey’ with acne treatments. I’m still getting to grips with how to produce a good-looking website, but check back soon, and I will have written my story so far, before updating with current news!

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