Epiduo and my adventure in hospital

So I started applying epiduo every night after I was prescribed it. Although there was no effect at first, after about a week my skin became painfully dry and I had a big outbreak of spots on my chin which was impossible to cover up due to the dryness.

Whenever I used it on my chest that also became slightly red and quite itchy.

Needless to say I gave it a break for a few days to let my skin calm down. However, I was never able to find out whether that was some kind of allergic reaction or an inital breakout – about a week after stopping I contracted cellulitis in my foot!

I was prescribed a few different types of antibiotics to treat this infection of the tissue, of which the second was erythromycin. This is quite a common acne medication so I was interested to see if it would have any effect on the now cystic spots on my chin. Sadly I ended up taking it only for a day as I was then admitted to hospital and put on IV antibiotics instead…

While there I asked the consultant about the spots on my chin which were painful and becoming redder, and he said that the high dose of antibiotics I was on should help a little.

It wasn’t until I’d left the hospital for a days that they calmed down though. So I doubt that it was the antibiotics that helped them; I just had to let them run their course and not pick.

After I came out of hospital (where I stayed for two nights) I had to keep taking the antibiotics for two or three weeks. Because I was on such a high dose, and had to take them four times a day, I decided I didn’t want to add acne medication (even if it was just a cream) on top of that as well. That was over a month without touching the epiduo then.

By the time I did get round to using it again, my return visit to the dermatologist was due.

So I never found out whether epiduo would have worked. I did learn though that you should not scratch insect bites on your feet unless you feel like having a mid-week retreat in your local hospital.

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