Chatting with a different dermatologist

I visited a different dermatologist this time, because I was able to go to a hospital much closer to my house.

This appointment was quite different to my previous ones – the doctor spent a lot more time asking me about my skin’s history and answering my questions, so I felt quite positive on coming out of the hospital.

She realised that my main problem is no longer the usual pink spots, but incredibly clogged, oily pores on my forehead and the centre of my face which give my skin an overall bad appearance.

Because of this, I was precribed Epiduo, which works by peeling the skin to unblock pores. I was given the cream version as my doctor said that the oral one is quite a hassle for women (they have to take regular pregnancy tests while on it) but I’ll go on that if this doesn’t work.

I asked her about diet – something I’ve never been able to get reliable clarification about. Does it actually make a difference to acne? She said don’t be a “milkaholic” but a couple of pints a day is fine, and definitely don’t miss out on calcium. She also said eat healthily: eat healthily because it is good for your body, but no, there isn’t much evidence to suggest it will stop acne.

When asked about the effects of stress, she said the main thing would be that if you are stressed you are more likely to pick at your spots (something she told me to absolutely stop doing!) but again, there isn’t really strong evidence to show stress in itself has a big impact.

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