Taking Tetralysal Again

Annoyingly, this time, taking Tetralysal had only a very minor affect on my skin. Whereas before my chin completely cleared up, during this course I still regularly got zits there.

This made me think that maybe it was the Isotrex, rather than the Tetralysal, that had in fact been the reason for my improved skin a few months previously.

I still had some Isotrex leftover so started applying this again (despite its having been open for far longer than it should have been…) Stupidly, I forgot just how harsh this gel is and how sparingly you need to use it at first. I put too much on too quickly and within a few days I had a massive, cystic spot on my chin which, thanks to the combination of size and bright red colouring, looked (and felt) like an Icelandic volcano threatening to erupt.

So I haven’t touched Isotrex since then!

Determined as always, I continued with the Tetralysal course, feeling that it was at least keeping my skin at bay, but still not really clearing it.


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  1. Emma says:


    I was on dianette and oxtetracycline about a year and it cleared up my skin amazingly, it was the best time ever i didnt need to worry about answering the door with no make-up on or buy all the expensive face washes andf masks and sticks. Then my doctor took me off them and gave me tetralysal which i took for a month and didn’t notice any differnece so i stopped taking them, almost instantly my skin got worse thnat it had ever been before so i went back and am now being reffered to a dermotolisists. I started taking them again a few days ago and have noticed a little improvement although this may be because i have not put any make-up on in 3 days. I ahve heard rumour that tetralysal takes 2-3 months to work so maybe i didn’t give it long enough, what do you think? 🙂

    • admin says:

      Hey, yep definitely keep at it for a while longer – I think I was on tetralysal for at least a month before I noticed any improvement, and then it took another few weeks for it to be noticeable to other people!
      Also, my dermo said that make-up doesn’t actually have too much of an effect on acne, as long as what you use has something on it saying it’s skin-friendly (something like “hypoallergenic” etc) – concealer tends to be quite thick and heavy so I use a water-based foundation instead and it works great 🙂

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