A few months later

Having been on Tetralysal and using Isotrex for a few months – with one return trip to the dermatologist in which I was discharged from the hospital due to the clear improvements in my skin – I decided to take myself off the drugs. I was fed up of having to think about my medication whenever I went away or slept over at a friend’s, and was happy with how my skin was looking.

Pretty much as soon as I came off the Tetralysal a few zits on my chin appeared, but apart from that my skin stayed largely the same. However, after a few months, it did start getting worse and looking more similar to how it did before.

This was during a fairly stressful time at school – GCSE mocks and modules seemed to be consuming most of my time – and often I do find that stress affects my skin. Even after these exams finished though, it didn’t clear up. So back on the tetralysal it was!

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