I stayed on the Isotrex and Tetralysal for a good few months and together they definitely improved my skin, miles more than anything else had. The main thing I noticed was that during the treatment I had absolutely no zits on my chin, whereas before I would constantly have one or two big, painful spots.

Another thing was that the zits on my temples completely cleared up – I still have scarring (which is fading!) but I’ve not had a spot there since.

This is not to say that the drugs are magic, though. It did take a while for there to be any effect, and when I came off the medication (mainly because I was bored of taking pills everyday) my skin got worse again after a few months.

So I would reccommend this combination of medication if you haven’t tried it before. Of course, as I took them together, I’m not really sure which one had the most effect. But at least there definitely was a positive effect!

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