First meeting with the dermatologist

For those who feel nervous about visiting a dermatologist, or simply unsure of what happens at one, I’d like to explain what mine did.

First, she looked at my skin. Not just a glance from an opposite chair like at my GP’s, but properly – up close, with a bright light.

I was pleased she did this: it meant she knew exactly how bad and what type my acne was, and gave me confidence again in that it should be treated medically.

Next, we sat down, and she asked me how I felt about my skin. She gave me a card with seven numbered photographs on. The face in No.1 had a few zits, while No.7 had severe cystic acne. She asked me to point out where I thought I would fit in on the scale.

Having discovered both the physical side of my acne and how it affected me mentally and emotionally, we went on to discuss treatment options.

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